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If you’ve been looking to grow your business? Or thinking of testing the market to release a new product? Northcote Central Shopping Centre could be the right location for you. Undergoing tremendous upgrades to rejuvenate and expand the centre, we want to create more leasing opportunities for new and existing business owners. We will listen to all your business needs and provide expert service to improve your business and our centre as a whole.

 “We believe the centre has the potential to once again serve the community as THE go-to destination for fabulous dining, shopping and entertainment”

Aside from the numerous advantages of being located at a shopping centre, choosing Northcote Central means we put your business first. We are flexible in the way we work and are experts in the field of this service industry. Here are some other reasons why you should choose Northcote Central Shopping Centre:

  1. Planned Shopping Area
  2. Maximising traffic and minimising competition
  3. Location! Location! Location!
  4. We are at your service
  5. Making your Mark

Floor plans for Ground and Level 1 of Redevelopment stage  **subject to change

Planned Shopping Area

Northcote Central has always been a well-established shopping destination for the residents of Northcote, even before the plans to upgrade it. The centre has provided several well-known outlets over the decades and is now making room for more.  Anchored by nationally known financial institutions: Commonwealth Bank and Bank of Sydney, popular retail stores like The Reject Store, Lincraft, Multinational supermarket Aldi, and many other independently owned shops. Nc has always provided the right variety of shops for the residents of the community. We want to encourage and ensure new businesses that there are endless perks in being located at a shopping centre. We will take great lengths to make the centre more disability-friendly and prioritise security for our tenants and our shoppers.

Maximising traffic while minimising competition

To maintain order and to minimise competition, we ensure our tenants that there will not be two of the same setups at our centre. Northcote Central takes into consideration the industry you are in and has planned shop placements for the benefit of your business. Presenting customers with a verity of options while keeping in mind the foot-traffic flow and customer experience within the centre. 

Northcote Central has two main entry points and sees over 6000 visitors a day. A recently conducted survey and Google reports have suggested that the centre gets busiest between the hours of 12 pm – 4 pm, and shoppers spend an average of 15-45 minutes in the centre. We expect these numbers to increase rapidly upon improvements. Worrying about your business going unnoticed will be the least of your concerns.

High Street Visitors most likely to walk
High Street Visitors most likely to take PTV
PTV 22%
High Street Visitors driving to Northcote Central

*Data from case study, Northcote Travel Survey, Victoria Walks

Location! Location! Location!

You don’t have to be in the business of Real Estate to understand the value of a great location. Northcote Central is in the middle of the suburb, surrounded by shopping strip, schools, and offices. The proximity to public transport is right outside the centre doors. It shares parking facilities and an entry point with Northcote Plaza, while also being located along High Street Shopping Strip, making this the perfect location for all businesses.

location joke

We are at your service

To better understand the community we are serving, we have been working with Northcote’s local real estate agents, Adio Properties. They will guide you through the rental process and assist in all your other business needs. 

The rejuvenation plan at Northcote Central will be happening in stages. Stage 1 plan proposes for a new foyer design and will give the space a fresh and innovative feel. Offering two levels of shop space, from 50m2 up to 90m2, we are looking for passionate business owners, to lease and be part of these upgrades. We are open to adjusting layout plans to your spatial needs, given the size of your business and the duration of your lease (limited offer, Terms, and conditions apply). Your business will also have opportunities to be part of our marketing campaigns and more:

  • Featured in Northcote Central zines
  • Featured in Northcote Central Social Media posts
  • Opportunities to participate in Social Media promotional advertising and competitions
  • All forms of print media and signage
  • Digital billboards (terms and conditions are applied).

Making your Mark

Respecting the area’s history, while embracing the needs of new residents, NC will be a place to shop, as well as explore. Along with everyday essentials, with cafes, juice bars, and quick-bite eateries, it will become a destination where food and lifestyle combine seamlessly. By joining Northcote Central, your efforts are contributing to enriching the community by presenting diversity and a variety of shops and creating more job opportunities. We encourage you to join us in this exciting new chapter for Northcote Central and the suburb of Northcote.

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