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The Future is Here

Recently under new management in 2019 the new owner is passionate about Northcote and the community that resides within the surrounding suburbs. The new owner wants to see the centre become a community hub, to create a place where dining and entertainment once again serve the community. NC will be undergoing new and exciting changes and will soon become the central hub for Northcote. 

Northcote Central logo in white

Northcote Central History

In 1867 John Roberts was granted a liquor licence for the Carter’s Arms Hotel on the corner of High Street and Separation Street, Northcote. A long time resident of the area, Roberts continued to operate the hotel successfully up until the closure of Northcote Brickworks in 1977. The hotel and part of the brickworks were later purchased, with the site intended to be developed into what is now Northcote Central Shopping Centre. In 2018, Northcote Central is back in the hands of a local, longtime resident of Northcote.